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Even though fear and anger are the most frequently experienced emotions we have, there is no clear definition about them, let alone the relationship reports about them. From above, we can find that fear and anger are twin emotions that always come together at stressful events, usually fear first and anger next in tandem. For example, when an aggressive driver cuts in front of you, your first reaction is being scared (fear), and next you will feel angry after and only if fear is gone. So fear is the scariness from the unexpected coming of threat. Anger is the blaming of the reasons for the coming of unexpected things.

Similarly, Lazarus proposed a relational concept for stimulus and emotion: emotions are due to a relationship with the environment that the person regards as significant for his wellbeing [ 19 ]. Lazarus borrowed the concept of appraisal from Arnold and elaborated the concept as a key factor for emotions: emotional processes depend on the predictability of the stressful events. He distinguishes two basic forms of appraisal: primary and secondary appraisal [ 19 ], and he proposed that the primary appraisal and its induced emotions are faster activating, automatic processing, which is similar to the safety need. Indeed, Lazarus distinguished three types of stressful events: harm, threat, and challenge, which are related to primary appraisal. The secondary appraisal concerns coping options, which include blame or credit, coping potential, and future expectations. It seems that the primary appraisal is related to fear, and the secondary one is related to anger (Figure ). Therefore, these two kinds of appraisals are related to safety needs: for personal safety, which are related to the “unexpected ways of stimulus occurring.” Evolutionarily, fear is related to threats, or aversive unconditional stimuli, such as pain and height. Due to our rational ability to think in the future and fantasize about “what might happen,” fear is getting broader in humans, such as being afraid of losing the needed things, in addition to getting the threat, because of the uncertainty/unexpectancy. Actually, the major reason is the uncertainty, because no matter what the hedonic value is, it has two sides of uncertainty, get it and lose it, which make us worry.

Anger is a nature passion aroused by a real or fancied injury or insult and involves a desire for retaliation. Anger always comes after fear at stressful events, and anger is due to fear, or more accurately, anger is due to the unexpected things, which induced fear [ 20 ].

Therefore, it seems that fear and anger are twin emotions that always come together, but fear and anger exclude each other in that they never occur at the same time in the same person. We give the equation below for the relationship between anger and fear, which fits in both duration and tension [ 20 ]:

Therefore, for a certain amount of stress, if fear is stronger, anger would be relatively less. For example, there is no time left for anger while riding a rollercoaster. On the contrary, when the fear is less, anger should dominate, such as betrayal by a lover. So it is thought that anger has the function of suppressing fear . At most of the time, fear and anger come in tandem with fear first and anger next. For example, after long time preparation for the test, Nancy was told to have failed in the test. She was scared at first, and then she was angry after she found out that it was not her fault, and her fear was gone for it was the teacher’s mistake. Fear and anger are basic emotions, which are built into us to allow us to react to dangerous situations, just like in other animals. Yet the problems come because we have the rational ability to think in the future and past and fantasize about “what might happen.” So we might be angry, sometimes unperceived, because fear, most of which is based on subjective thinking, can quickly “overload” causing us to react in anger. So anger is the vent for fear . Anger is the secondary reaction to fear; if we are fearful, we will also have the tendency to be angry. Therefore, we have to keep our fears checked in order to control our anger.

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Smartphones tablets Smartphones
There are a few ways to connect a phone to the computer, either physically with a USB cable or remotely using Bluetooth or wireless connection. This guide explains how to connect to a PC so that you can then download files or pictures from your phone to your computer.
You’ll need:
Follow these step-by-step instructions to synch an Android phone to a computer
Step 1: Take your phone and plug one end of the USB cable into the USB slot and the other end into your computer.
Step 2: Your computer will recognise the device and ask you what you want to do.
Step 3: In this case, I want to import pictures and videos to my computer.so I will click on the Import pictures and videos using Windows option. This will import all the pictures and videos automatically on to my computer.
Step 4: It will ask whether you want to give a tag (or theme name) to all the pictures (this will give the same name followed by a number), for finding them or for using on social media sites. Give your pictures a name if you wish and then click Import .
Step 5: Your pictures will now be transferred. If you like to keep your phone free of photos etc, you can also tick the Erase after importing option so that all the imported pictures are deleted from your phone.
Step 6: Once your photos are transferred, the folder they were transferred to will open up and you can browse them on your computer.
Step 7: It is also possible to sync your android to PC using Bluetooth, but you will need to have Bluetooth available and enabled on your computer. Bluetooth will then also need to be enabled on your phone. Go into the settings menu in your phone and then enable Bluetooth to turn it on (the exact method for turning Bluetooth on will vary from handset to handset).
Step 8: Once both devices have Bluetooth enabled, your PC will check that you want to connect and identify your phone. This is to ensure that it isn’t a random person wanting to connect to your data.
Allow this for just the one request for a particular file transfer, or if you have a lot of information to send, allow for a certain time span. If you are going to transfer using Bluetooth a lot, you can set to enable for the same device permanently. Click OK .
Once the device has been verified, it will show up in the Bluetooth connections in the devices and printers folder. You can check this by double clicking on it to open up the device control panel.
Step 9: On your phone, find the picture or pictures etc that you want to transfer to your PC. Tap on the connect icon and choose Bluetooth from the list.
Step 10: The phone will scan for available Bluetooth devices. The name of your PC should be shown. Tap the name of your PC .
Step 11: The file will be sent to your PC. Your PC will alert you that the phone device is trying to send data. Accept the request.
Step 12: Once the file is accepted, it will be downloaded on to your PC, generally in your Documents or Downloads folder. Your PC will then alert you when the upload has been completed. Remember to turn off Bluetooth when not in use to keep your data safe.
Step 13: There are also a range of apps for Android to enable your phone to connect wirelessly through a wireless connection to your PC.
These include Wi-Fi File Transfer (free), Dropbox can also be used where data is stored in the cloud, Airdroid, Remote Web desktop and Remote Desktop.
Karen Maxwell is a Digital Unite tutor and assessor/trainer of computer accessibility.
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